Help Needed!

More often than we know, families struggle to provide school supplies for their child. Although I do the best I can to provide what I can afford, I could use some assistance throughout the year. Check this area each month. If there is something on the list that you can help out with, I would greatly appreciate it. Last year this was a huge success and saved me a ton of money and saved families a ton of stress!

As a community, we can do great things to help our students succeed. And although not everyone can get into the classroom and help out, providing an extra pack of crayons, folders, or even pencils makes a huge difference.

I promise you that all the items on this page will ONLY be used in the classroom and to help benefit our children. I will not use this for my own personal gain and would not ask for anything I could not get myself. 🙂


Last Updated: 9/6/19

Supplies Needed:

I will update this once I have gone through all the school supplies and figure out what more I need. 🙂


If anyone is interested in helping out in the classroom, please let me know. I could always use people to read with students, help during instruction time, or even help with copies/filing/grading. 


I can always use:

*Lysol Wipes: We all know how little ones can be germ buckets! Although we learn about sharing things in first grade, we do not want to share germs. Lysol wipes are a great way for me to prevent this type of sharing. If you are able to donate some Lysol wipes to the classroom, I would greatly appreciate it. 

FYI: Because the school has OK’d LYSOL, the wipes do need to be Lysol and not any other brand. Sorry for any inconvenience it causes; just following instructions.