“Remind” is a messaging system that allows me to send out mass messages to anyone signed up under my account. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this app and will be using it all year long! By signing up, you are lowering the amount of paper you get each week, cutting down your chances of the evil backpack eating something important, and it allows me to send you important messages in real time!

I use this for things like “Reminder that Open House is tonight!” Or “Don’t forget that tomorrow is picture day!” AND for important in-the-moment messages you need like “No School today.” or “2- hour delay this morning.”

The REALLY awesome part is that YOU can message ME. Maybe you signed up to help out in the classroom and something came up, causing you to cancel. You can message me saying “Hey Mrs. Mallery, I can’t make it today! So sorry!” and it goes to both my computer AND my phone. Allowing you to reach me much easier and faster.

You get to choose if you want this as a text or as an app (or both if you want!). If you want the app, just go to the PlayStore or iTunes App Store and search “Remind”.

If you want it as a text, create a new message to 81010 and the in the message box, type:

@2019room19   (YES, the @ sign too)


OR… you can click on this link:
First Grade Remind